TSM News

Sepehr Salari presented his research as seminar and poster on "Elevated temperature Nanomechanical and Nanotribological behaviours of Ni alloys" at STLE conference, Nashville, TN (May 2019). 

Mason Engineering students (advised by Dr. Beheshti and Dr. Gallo) competed in the University Student Design and Applied Solutions Competition (USDASC) sponsored by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and earned second place (April 2019)

TSM lab is equipped and ready to GO (February 2019).

Manuel Martinez Garay and Alejandro Garcia joined TSM group (January 2019).

Dr. Beheshti Received Funding from Department of Energy/Texas A&M University, to work on high temperature helium tribology of Nickle alloys. (September 2018)

John Recktenwald joined TSM group to work on 3D printings of energy absorbent mechanical metamaterials. (July 2018)

TSM Group volunteered at STEM camp at STLE (Minneapolis, MN.) and present friction welding concept to students from the local Cooper high school.

Sepehr Salari attended STLE conference and presented his reseach on "High Temperature Micro-Mechanical/Tribological Response of Super Alloys", Minneapolis, MN (May 2018).

TSM group attended the Engineering youth conference at GMU. (February 2018)

Manisha Tripathy and Sepehr Salari joined George Mason University. (January 2018)

Dr. Beheshti and the TSM group moved to George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) Department of Mechanical Engineering (January 2018). Thanks to everyone at Lamar University for all of their continued support!

TSM lab graduated Parthkumar Patel, Manisha Tripathy and Akshay Patel. (December 2017)

Dr. Beheshti Received Funding from National Science Foundation to acquire state-of-the-art nanoindenter from Bruker-Hysitron to perform multi-scale advanced material characterization at Lamar University. (September 2017)

Dr. Beheshti recieved Texas State University Junior Faculty Merit Award. (March 2017)

Md Saifur Rahman graduated and joined Texas A&M university PhD program. (December 2016)

Amr Anwar Soleiman graduated! (December 2016)