Bruker Tribometer

Temperature Capabilities (1000°C) with unidirectional and high frequency fretting test. Tribometer can perform wide range of tests dry or in liquid, at room temperature or at elevated temperatures, and under humidity or in vacuum. 

  • Temperature range: up to 1,000°C
  • Drives: Reciprocating and Rotary
  • Load capability: 2 to 200 N
  • Room temperature and hot hardness test

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ANTON PAAR Multiscale Surface Testing Platform (Indentation + Scratch)

Anton Paar Multiscale Surface Testing Platform with Micro COMBI TESTER (MCT)

•  Instrumented micro-indentation testing from 50 mN to 10 N.

•  Scratch load from 0.01 to 30 N and depth range from 0 to 1000 μm.

•  Vickers Hardness up to 30 N.

•  High quality video microscope.

•  Acoustic emission (AE) sensor.

•  Micro friction force module.


ADMET Fretting Fixture

150 kN Multiaxial Servo-Hydraulic load frames for tensile/compression and torsional fatigue loading with custom-built Fretting Fatigue Fixture up o 5kN lateral load, high temperature up to 600C° and complete load-displacement hysteresis measurement capabilities







BRUKER Profiler

  • 3D analyses of surface profile
  • 4Å repeatability in vertical direction.
  • Stylus radius from 50 nm to 25 µm.
  • Automatic 3D mapping and profiler analysis with stitching and wear volume estimation.





3D Printers

The TSM group use 3D printers to facilitate the manufacturing and rapidly create prototypes and educational models for the research.






Filamet Extruder

Noztek pro filament extruder is acquired to bulid custom filaments with designed material and fillers.








  • Multiple Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) are available at both George Mason University Campuses